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Space Plus DAC settings
— by DaDa DaDa

I'am little bit confused, when I connect Space Plus DAC to the phone (any android, S7 etc.), it show 192kHz 24bit even when I playied mp3. I also can change volume, balance, loudnes...
With computer (win 10), it play resolution which I choose in player (AIMP). No meter about records it can play mp3 on 192kHz 24bit and HiRes from computer can be played or shown on the displey as 44,1kHz 16bit. Just what AIMP will send. Also I can use eq and volume on computer.
Strange, with my external soundcard Motu Ultralight mkIII computer sending just digital data and the rest is made by Motu hardware.
Is it normal? Or do I have to do sometning with setting? I would like to use mobile or computer just as transport which can't do any changes.
Thx for help.