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Requested to solve problem about space plus
— by George.Leung George.Leung
I am Kickstarter backer who has received the space plus since August 2017. The sound quality is well. However, I had a problem about the DAC and would like to request to have a solution.

The DAC could be power on, but could not be detected via USB 2.0 in Windows 10 (1703 version), and just shown the logo "Space" only. I had tried to supply power via USB2.0 only and would like to use coaxial input but in vain. I tried to switch input source but the display had no any response.

Moreover, I tried to use a smartphone (Android) and another PC (Windows 7), all of them could not detect the space plus via 2.0. Of course, I had confirmed the good condition of USB connection cable.

Therefore, I think there was the space plus problem.  I remember that I had tried to update firmware but failed due to the current version 1.1.0.  However, space plus could be operated after the update.

And now, the Space Plus just shown the logo "Space" in display. If hold volumn down after power on, the display could be off. And hold volumn up after power on, no response for the DAC. The remote could not be functioned. And no detection in PC. And could not be flash the firmware.

Could I mail the space plus to you and help to repair it? Or provide other solution to solve this problem? Such as providing the sequence of flash firmware etc. I am looking forward from your reply.