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They keep their distance
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AGRA, India -- On the last day of his India tour, Kevin Durant is partaking in a personal wish -- against the advice of friends and associates who have informed him ncaa basketball jersey  of the three-hour journey each way, of the high numbers of heat cheap basketball jerseys  and moisture content and of the weekend crowds that might prove more difficult to manage than the snugly controlled spaces he has been in over the past couple of days.

This is, after all, one of the wonders of the world and without a doubt the one symbol of India that's instantly well-known the world over. Privacy has reached a premium, even with personal security guards.

It helps, though, that basketball and the NBA aren't that familiar in India. As he walks through the ticket barriers, he's just another face in the crowd, although one literally head and shoulders above the pack. "Yeh lambu kaun hain, yaar? Koi Hollywood star to nahi? " (Who's the tall fellow, not a Hollywood star, is he? ")

He's with a smaller team around him, no more than a dozen people, but the presence of the two guards in their regulation college football jersey  dull safari suits marks him out as a VIP and soon he's college basketball jerseys  outed. "Kevin Durant! Dude, that's sick, bro! ", exclaimed Kevin McAllister of San diego -- not a very keen NBA fan, so he can only identify the star after the group has passed by.

As he walks past the Darvaza I Rauza (Great Gate) that serves as the main entrance to the tomb, he's recognized by another group of American tourists. "Hey KD! KD! " they scream at him even, and he swells back at them. They keep their distance, but one Japanese lady is more intrepid: She breaks through the ring, walks up to him, exchanges a couple of words and walks away.