The psychology of colors in advertising

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The psychology of colors in advertising

One of the influential factors in identifying your brand or product is the use of advertising boards such as Chelnium and Steel boards, etc. The color used in these advertising boards and other types of advertising has a significant impact on the way your ad is viewed, In fact, colors can influence customer thinking about your business. Psychologists believe that some colors have a greater impact on generating positive customer feedback.

When choosing a promotional color, keep in mind that you want the color you want to affect the quality, power, femininity or masculinity of your product.

Red color :

You can use red to advertise cars, games, energy drinks and sports. Red conveys energy and increases blood pressure and increases the likelihood of the ad being viewed. This color encourages people to make quick decisions, so companies and institutions use red in their billboards for this purpose.

The pale red conveys the feeling of love, longing, tenderness, and pink, the feeling of friendship and tolerance.

Pink is feminine in color and is used more to promote feminine products.

Dark red conveys the notion of power, serious decision, anger, leadership, valor, passion, malice, anger, and ultimately brown, to create a masculine and enduring sense of color.

Orange :

Orange is effective in conveying a sense of joy, creativity, determination, attractiveness, success, encouragement and motivation. It is not irritating like red, but it enhances mental activity. Since orange enhances appetite, it can be used in food packaging and billboards. In toy retailers, orange is also very effective.

green color :
It is the color of nature and symbolizes growth, balance, harmony, novelty, fertility, safety, healing power, stability, stability and hope. This color creates comfort for the human eye.
blue color :
Blue is very good in packaging and trademark of companies producing cleaning products and filters for water, cleaning liquids, drinks, airline and aircraft, air conditioners, cruises and mineral water.

Purple :
This color has red energy and blue color stability. It symbolizes royalty, power, originality, luxury, ambition, exuberance, wisdom, status, independence and creativity. Children and women prefer purple to other colors, so it is appropriate to use purple in advertising products for children and women. Dark purple means depression and frustration and purple

Bright gives a romantic feeling of nostalgia.


This color is one of the most energetic warm colors and is known as the color of hope. The bright yellow color in the design can induce a happy and happy feeling.